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Velvet Dream Bonder

  • Velvet Dream Bonder is a revolutionary product that maximizes lash retention by an average of 30%, while instantly removing irritating adhesive fumes. This product will help your clients lashes last longer while working against sensitivities. Dream Bonder adds elasticity to adhesive bonding points which results in a bond less likely to break. Dream Bonder can be used with any adhesive, follow instructions below for the ultimate bond. 

  • After you've attached your last extension, fan lashes off for approximately 2 minutes. Drop the dream bonder solution onto two microswabs until they are both saturated and apply to adhesive bonding points [top and bottom]. There is no need to saturate the bonding points, a little bit of product goes a long way. The use of this product eliminates the need of a nanomister or nebulizer. 

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